The 2018 Dirt Road Century is sold out!

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but we’ve reached out 200 rider limit for the 2018 race, but don’t worry the party lives on. The after race concert and festivities are still open. Learn more about the post race activities here:


Are you ready for 100 miles of chunky, flowing, red, dirt roads? Waverly, Alabama is home to some of the most highly concentrated dirt roads in Alabama. Starting at the folksy Standard Deluxe music venue, we will be cruising a 100 and 60 mile loop during a self-supported dirt road race. Whether you are just looking to finish this adventure or crush the competition, come on out and join us.


                 30 Mile                  60 Mile                        100 Mile


Click on photos for links to Ride with GPS Files

We will offer fully supported aid stations along the route (1 for the 30, 2 for the 60, and 3 for the 100). Those stations will include food and water, however if riding self supported is your style, then we very much encourage you. With limited aid stations, it is imperative that you carry enough food and water to sustain yourself in-between.



Friday, October 19th

6PM-8PM: Camping Check-in/Packet Pickup at the Standard Deluxe

Saturday, October 20th

6AM-9:30AM: Day of Registration/Packet Pickup in the Feed Shack

6:50AM: Rider Meeting for 100 Mile Racers

7:00AM: 100 mile roll-out

8:50AM: Rider Meeting for 60 mile Racers

9:00AM: 60 mile roll-out

9:50AM: Rider Meeting for 30 mile Racers

10:00AM: 30 mile roll-out

12:00PM: Food Line Opens

2:30PM: Awards Ceremony

3:00PM: Music Begins (Opening Artist TBD)

4:00PM: Music by Young Valley

5:15PM: Mustache, Hairiest Legs, and Costume Competitions, plus Doorprizes

5:30PM: Music by Great Peacock


It's not all about riding fast

Terra Firma is not the kind of cycling team that's known for "winning races" or "being fast". That's why we've come up with a few ways for everyone to have a chance to win some swag.

Hairiest Legs Invitational

Competitions sound so much cooler when you call them invitationals, so that's why we're inviting all the ladies (sorry fellas, we already know your legs are hairy) to participate in the Hairiest Legs Invitational. Put down that razor and let those luscious locks grow! The legs with the most hair will take home a rad prize. Just think of it as an early start to no shave November.

Waviest Mustache in Waverly

Start growing your mustache! The Waviest Mustache in Waverly competition is back!

Are you able to rival some of the greatest mustachioed fellas in the cycling community? This is your chance to prove it and win "The Best Mustache in Waverly".

The costumiest Costume in Costumerly

We'd be fools if we didn't have a costume contest just 11 days before Halloween. Put on those thinking caps and get those creative juices flowing because we want to see some awesome costumes. The person with the costumiest costume will get a priziest prize.

2017 Photos


Support those who support us!

We'd have a mighty hard time getting this event off the ground if it wasn't for the support of our sponsors. Make sure to give them your business (and tag them in your Instagram posts!)



What does my race fee cover?

It covers:

  • A Dirt Road Century Tee Shirt

  • Live music

  • A post-ride meal and beverage provided by our sponsors

  • GPX route and a clearly marked course

  • Pickups in case of mechanical or human failures

  • Medically trained personnel in case of injury

  • An awesome venue, The Standard Deluxe -



What bike should I ride?

A (monster) cross bike with about 40c tires works well, so does a skinny tired hardtail mountain bike. We don't suggest running any tire less than 35c although some run 32's without problems. 


What are the roads like?

Awesome. Chunky. About 80% dirt/gravel. 


What gear should I bring?

  • Your bicycle

  • Front and rear lights

  • GPS - With uploaded route

  • Flat kit

  • Food (200-300 calories per hour)

  • Water (2-3 liters)

  • A strong will